Shootout Racindeals

February 14th, 2011

So I watched the Shootout Saturday night at Daytona. It was the most excitingly boring race I think I’ve ever seen. The fact that NASCAR seems to be ok with speeds nearing 210 mph is interesting. I still say they’ll decrease the size of the hole in the restrictor plate before the 500.

•  At first I thought the two-by-two racing was going to be exciting. And parts of it were. But after having a few hours to think about it, I miss the three-wide, ten-deep racing that we used to have.

• NASCAR has made more rule changes to limit this two-by-two racing. Of course, they did that before the Shootout too.  Supposedly the cars won’t be able to stay behind one another for long due to cooling issues. I guess we’ll see what happens Thursday.

• With the new package, it looks like you don’t want to be first or second. Being in third or fifth place seems to be the place to be.

• Hey, Danica? Why don’t you like Nashville? (Actually, to be accurate, why don’t you like Gladeville?)

• I think it’s going to be funny seeing all those Jeff Gordon fans wearing AARP shirts and caps.

• It’s time for a Cup car running #3 to be on the track. Don’t really care if it’s a Childress car or a EGR car or a Front Row car. Ten years is long enough for a number to be “retired.” I see Daytona wants a silent lap 3 during the 500 to honor Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Why not a silent lap 7 since he won 7 championships? Or a silent lap 76 since he won 76 races? I’m sorry, but this deification of Earnhardt is a little tough to swallow. I’ve always questioned the taste of commemorating the death of someone instead of their life,  like on their birthday.

• Hey, Charlotte? How’s that NASCAR Hall of Fame working out for the taxpayers? If NASCAR wanted a hall of fame, they should have built it using their own money.

• How about that all Hendrick front row? Can Little Earnhardt back it up with a good run on Thursday and Sunday?

• Why does determining the starting lineup for the 500 have to be so complicated? Before NASCAR enacted the “35 cars get a provisional” rule, it was relatively simple: you had to finish in the top 15 (or 14 if the pole sitter was outside that number). Then they went on speed for the next six, then the seven provisionals. I still don’t like this whole deal where 35 teams get a guaranteed starting spot. You want to mix up the championship, how about a race where Jimmie Johnson doesn’t qualify?

The Twin 150’s should give us a better idea of what to expect during the 500. Despite the Shootout, I’m still looking forward to the 500. After that, not so much.

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