…is admitting you have a problem.

NASCAR seems to have figured out that they have a few problems. News this week is that they’re thinking of changing the points system, qualifying procedure, and having drivers declare in which series they’re running for a championship.

I guess NASCAR doesn’t want to change things too drastically. For example, they’re not limiting the number of Cup drivers in the lower series. But preventing a Cup driver from running for a Truck or Grand National Series championship is a start.

It seems they’re also going to change the points system, while still keeping the goofy race for the chase. The winner will get 43 points and each position on down gets one less. No mention of how bonus points will be awarded. I think this is a mistake; the Latford system works fine. The new points system is apparently designed to keep consistency from being a big factor in the championship. But as I’ve asked before, who would be more deserving of a championship: a driver who wins 5 races and has 35 top fives, or a driver who wins 5 races and has 5 top fives? Any scenario that gives the driver with no top fives the championship is, in my mind, not a legitimate way to award the championship.

Not sure why they’re messing with the qualifying procedure. Apparently they’re going to let cars go out in the order of their times during practice. Not sure if they’re still going to let the ones who actually have to qualify to make the race (those outside the top 35) qualify together.

Last year, NASCAR standardized the start times for the races. This year, there’s word that they’re going to abandon that. Not sure whose bright idea that is, but they need to work on solving actual problems, not ones that don’t exist.

NASCAR has downsized the plate at Daytona. With drafting speeds during testing nearing 200 mph, my prediction is that they’ll make it even smaller. They just seem to have this thing about 200 mph as being an upper limit for some reason.

The races I’m going to watch for sure this year are the restrictor plate races at Daytona and Talladega, and maybe one or two others. I guess it depends on who’s running well.

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