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March 22nd, 2010

WEEK OFF: Since NASCAR had a spring break last week, I decided to take one as well (at least from this blog).

OLD TIMERS: I tuned in to see the last 20 or so laps of the old timer’s race at Bristol on Saturday. The concept of the race is interesting, but the reality of it is that some drivers are too old to be in it. Think about it: their reflexes are not what they used to be, but they’re still going 120 mph around the track… in late model cars. Despite what the announcers said about “how safe” the cars are, both drivers that were involved in that late-race wreck were knocked out, and it’s a wonder neither of them were killed. Put them in Legends cars at Charlotte and let them have at it, or put them in retired Cup cars with smaller engines so they can have the benefit of truly safer cars, or make them take a reflex test before they can drive in it.

SPOILER ISSUES: No, this isn’t about NASCAR going back to spoilers in the Cup series. This about ESPN interviewing the winner of the Grand National race during the red flag period of the old timers’ race. I had just started watching the race on my DVR and saw the promo for the old timers’ race, so I decided to stop watching it and watch the old timers’ race. Then ESPN interviews the winner of the Grand National race, and that left me with no reason to watch it. Thanks ESPN. I guess you don’t understand that a lot of folks have better things to do on a Saturday than sit in front of a TV watching a race. I watch races on my own time, not yours.

THE FEUD: Everyone’s been talking about Brad and Carl’s feud. Most of the talk seems to be centered around how Brad deserved what he got because he has a “reputation” for wrecking people. You’re kidding, right? He deserved a cheap shot by a driver who only came back on the track to wreck him? <sarcasm> NASCAR put Edwards on double secret probation for three races, so I’m sure that got his attention and he’ll never do it again </sarcasm>. Maybe Keselowski has wrecked a lot of people; I don’t know. But it reminds me of when Ernie Irvin came on the scene and got the same kind of reputation. He finally saw the error of his ways and apologized to everyone at a drivers’ meeting. Or when Kyle Busch moved to NASCAR, he wrecked everything but the pace car. Or even someone named Carl Edwards, who also wrecked his share of people when he started. The point is, racing contact is one thing, but intentionally assaulting someone is something completely different.

BRISTOL: I’ll have to say I liked the Cup race more than I thought I would, even with Johnson’s win.  There were enough lead changes to keep the race interesting, and no one was able to get the lead and run away with it. That’s all I ask as a fan.

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