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February 22nd, 2010

SERIES SPONSORS: I don’t get paid to mention the names of the sponsors of the top three NASCAR touring series (for any FTC types out there). So I’ll be referring to them as the “Cup” series, the “Grand National” series, and the “Truck” series. Now if those sponsors want to throw some money my way… Oh, that applies to speedways too.

WHERE’S DANICA?: I watched the whole Grand National race on Saturday,  and not once did the announcers update us on where Danica Patrick was running. Not once! No, not once, but about 30 times it seemed. I have to agree with Kyle Busch on this one: she hasn’t done  anything to garner that kind of attention, other than being female. And it’s really kind of sexist if you ask me. I thought it was very interesting that the ESPN announcers quickly tried to lower expectations for Danica by telling us how other Indy Car drivers did in their races at California Speedway. They didn’t give us any context, just finish positions (would have been nice to know if any of those drivers led or was taken out in a wreck not their fault).

START TIMES: I’ve seen ads on Speed touting the  consistent start times for Cup races. Apparently Fox doesn’t expect its viewers to know the difference between when a race starts and when coverage starts. The TV listings showed the race starting at 2:00 pm, when in fact it actually started at 3:00 pm (actual green flag was closer to 3:15 pm). Fox needs to separate their pre-race coverage from the actual race coverage. I nearly wasted a whole hour of DVR recording time because of their fake start time.

YAWN: Wake me when the race is over. If ever there was a race that indicated a need for competition cautions, that was it. And the Grand National race would have been the same except for the green/white/checker finish.

IS DIGGER WITH DANICA?: I noticed a lack of the stupid cartoon “Digger” during the first half of the race. And in the second half, they only showed the cartoon during caution laps. Maybe they finally got the message that people didn’t want a cartoon taking up half the screen when they were racing.

NO, LITTLE E IS WITH DANICA: Was last week a fluke for the 88 team? Are they back to their back-marker ways? Is he regretting leaving his dad’s team now?

THE PACE CAR: I wonder if NASCAR had to install one of those ignition cut-off switches in the pace car?

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