Sears Point Racindeals

June 22nd, 2009

ROAD RAGE: I’m sitting here doing my best to watch this road race that NASCAR insists on having, and I”m just bored out of my head. The new double-file restart is about the only exiting thing in the race. This is what DVR’s were made for.

NOTE TO TNT: Buddy Baker and Eli Gold are available. Just saying.

WE’RE IN THE US, AREN’T WE?:Last time I checked, the measurement standard here in the US wasn’t the metric system; we use miles for length. So why are we running races of 350 kilometers? Back in the 70’s NASCAR mandated that all Cup races be at least 250 miles. As a result of that, the race at the Fairgrounds in Nashville had to be lengthened to 420 laps. Why isn’t the race at Sears Point the minimum 250 miles? (That’s a rhetorical question by the way; I don’t think race fans could stand another hour of racing to make the additional 32 miles.)

ROAD WARRIORS:How many road races have been won by road racing specialists that replace the regular driver on road courses? I don’t think that many have. I think Said won one once a few years ago (that might have been in the B series), but is it really worth it?

CAR-TOONS: I’ve always said that there are just not enough cartoons on racing broadcasts.

DANICA!: It strikes me that NASCAR teams don’t really want Danica Patrick for her ability to drive a car, but more for her looks. Every story you see about her refers to her as “sexy” or whatever. The new rumor is that she’ll be in Roush car next year. I think that would be a big mistake, both to move to NASCAR and especially to move to a Roush car.

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