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June 19th, 2009

RACE, WHAT RACE?: I completely missed the Michigan race the other day. From what I hear it was another one of those that was won by the engine builder, not by the driver. NASCAR doesn’t have a problem throwing out “competition” cautions, unless it’s to actually increase competition.

KENTUCKY CURIOSITY: Didn’t really see much of the Kentucky race either. They had it on in the suite at the Fairgrounds Speedway at Nashville, and every now and then I’d take a look. I was kind of hoping that Busch would win, just to see if he smashed the Kentucky trophy.

BRICKYARD TIRES: We’re promised, promised, I tell you, that this year’s Brickyard 400 race will be better. Heck, all Goodyear has to do is make the tires go 12 laps instead of 10, and it’ll be a better race by default. Last year’s Brickyard race was a perfect example of why the Cup series needs more than one tire manufacturer.

NISSAN/HONDA: NASCAR is apparently talking to other foreign car manufacturers, or at least ones who manufacture cars in the US. I’ve never understood why they limited eligible cars to US-owned manufacturers before, and I don’t think I understand why they’re now limiting it to US-made cars. But NASCAR does a lot of stuff I don’t understand.

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