New Hampshire Racindeals

June 30th, 2009

BLIND PIG RACING: There’s an old country adage that says “Even a blind pig gets an acorn every now and then.” This year, we’ve seen two blind pigs get a win, by playing the rain “strategy”. David Reutimann and now, Joey Logano both have won rain shortened races. Races that, had they gone the distance, these drivers would not likely have won. It seemed to me that NASCAR was a little quick to call the New Hampshire race. I guess it was getting dark or something. But if they started these races at noon, this wouldn’t be an issue.

WHO’S IN THE BOOTH?: There’s a lot of talk about why Bill Weber wasn’t in the both. Supposedly there was some kind of incident with him. So they put Ralph Sheheen in his place. Ralph’s been in the booth before in the old TNN days, but TNT’s overall announce crew is just not cutting it. They just have two races to go, so that’s a small blessing.

LAP COUNTS: What’s with the extra lap in the New Hampshire race? I assume it has some significance for the sponsor, but if the broadcasters don’t tell you what that significance is, then what good is the gimmick?

TRUCK SERIES FUTURE: NASCAR is reportedly trying to figure out what to do with the Truck Series. When NASCAR started the series, it was to be a low cost entry level series. They raced on short tracks and tracks that the Cup Series didn’t visit. It was different, it was refreshing, and it was some of the best racing you would ever hope to see. Then they ruined it. They got rid of the halftime break, so then teams had to have pit crew members to go over the wall. That automatically increased the cost. Then they started dropping the smaller tracks in favor of the larger ones (like Daytona). I don’t know how long Camping World’s contract runs as title sponsor, but I suspect that if they don’t renew, the truck series will be no more.

DOUBLE FILE RESTARTS: What does it say about a racing series when the sanctioning body has to put all the leaders in a double file restart just to bring some excitement to a race?

MAYFIELD’S SUIT: Jeremy Mayfield will be in court this week, seeking to get his NASCAR suspension overturned. I started out on Mayfield’s side in this mess. After all, why go through all this trouble if you’re guilty? I was critical of NASCAR’s drug policy, but I stupidly based my criticism on what I read in the media. When I actually read the policy, I didn’t see anything that I could disagree with. What sealed it for me was talking to the doctor at work who administers my company’s drug tests. She said that the only way to test for methamphetamine is to actually take it; there’s no way methamphetamine can be synthesized in the body from a mixture of two other drugs. The amphetamine that is synthesized shows up differently on a drug test, and doctors know to look for it. Of course, all of this assumes that the drug he tested positive for was methamphetamine; I assume that information will come out in court. If Mayfield wins this first court battle and gets reinstated, he plans on going to Daytona to race. You have to know that NASCAR is going to test him again before allowing him on the track, and if he fails that test, he’s toast.

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