Back From The Dead

June 10th, 2009

About 10 years ago, I registered the RacinDeals.com domain and created a website. I wrote about NASCAR racing mostly. Turns out RacinDeals.com was a blog before blogs even existed. There were several contributors in addition to myself.

I got burned out on racing a few years ago, and transferred the domain and the website over to Nancy Osterhoudt, lock, stock, and barrel. I guess she ran it for a few years, but recently I noticed that the site had gone down. And a few weeks ago I saw that the domain had expired and was up for grabs. I managed to secure it and here we are.

I’m still not as into racing as much as I was 10 years ago. NASCAR has managed to do more to alienate me as a fan than I could ever have imagined. There are a lot of things going on now with NASCAR and in NASCAR though that I want to comment on, and that’s why I restarted this site.

The site is still under construction. As I post this, I haven’t picked out a WordPress theme to use. I’ve got to look in my archives and find the old logo (which I still think is a pretty good one). I think I’ll also post all of my old posts (that I can find) just to give folks some idea of where my head is. But that’ll be over the next few weeks.

I don’t intend to write stuff here daily, although I may occasionally post daily. I’ll try to post something at least once a week though.

Right now I’ve got to get the site presentable. After that, who knows? By the way, if you’re interested in writing for the site, let me know.

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